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Tiffiny Robinson 

Motivational Speaker, North Augusta, SC

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I remember a time when my so called relationship with Christ consisted of "going through the motions." It was better described as a formality of certain behaviors and mannerisms. I thank God every day for answering my prayer for wisdom, knowledge and the understanding of His Holy Word. It never ceases to amaze me that as old as The Book is, it still applies to every aspect of our lives, TODAY! 

The videos below cover various Bible study topics that I pray are useful in your walk with Christ. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here and share with others.

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"Add to your faith"

"A Standard"

"Let everything that has breath, Praise Ye the Lord!"

"Let's talk about Worship"

"Study the Word of God for yourself"

"Watch your mouth"

"Something to fight for"

"How can you call me Lord?"

"Boldness and Wisdom"

Something to Fight For!

"As We Went to Prayer"

"As We Went to Prayer"

"Specific Instructions"

Specific Instructions and Directions

"A Sound Mind"

"Having issues with forgiveness?"

Motivational Speaker, North Augusta SC